NPS: Net Promoter Score

Do you want to track the satisfaction or loyalty of your customers? NPS can be an easy, but powerful tool.

What is NPS – Net Promoter Score?

Net Promoter Score – NPS is a score or index, which shows customer loyalty or satisfaction with the brand, product or service. NPS is widely used because of its simplicity – it’s easy to ask and easy to understand. Many organizations adopted the score as a customer-centric KPI.

NPS values can have values from -100 to 100.

How to measure NPS?

The NPS is measured by asking one simple question:

On a scale from 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend this product/company to a friend or colleague?

How to calculate NPS?

Respondent’s response determines the group to which he belongs:

  • Detractors: answered 0-6 (not likely to recommend)
  • Passives: answered 7-8 (neutral)
  • Promoters: answered 9-10 (extremely likely to recommend)

NPS=% promoters – % detractors

The NPS is negative if there are more detractors than promoters. NPS = 100 means that there are no detractors among the respondents. (It doesn’t mean everybody is satisfied).

Is NPS good or bad?

NPS can be very useful if you use it wisely. It provides higher value if you use it long-term and compare time series or various segments or products.

In the long-term, the declining NPS indicates problems that you need to solve.

We strongly recommend asking an additional question right after NPS:

Why? (open-end question)

The answers usually bring insights that are more valuable than the score itself.

The big advantage of the NPS is the length – people will answer more likely because it’s short and quick. The response rate is higher than in common customer satisfaction questionnaires.

When to ask?

The best way is to ask right after the action. After the checkout in the e-shop, or after completing the project. You can display a pop-up on the website or send a thank-you email and ask the respondent to evaluate the service.

If you ask later (after several days, weeks or months), the response rate will be very low and answers not relevant.

Software for NPS

There are many tools that can help you measure NPS. Here are some of them:

These tools can be embedded in your website or app or you can send emails to your customers. They provide analytical functions and also offer integration with Zapier or other automation platforms.

Of course, you can also use any other survey software (SurveyMonkey, Survio, or other).

And what is your experience with NPS?


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